The Style of Jennifer Dalla Zorza

JenniPie is Jennifer Dalla Zorza: Bra Fitter, femininity coach, lingerie stylist and designer. Welcome to this incredible, innovative, intimate and romantic environment, with a hint of seduction, created by a woman, for women.
Discover my lingerie tips and my Collection

“La Petite Four Lingerie“.

Who I am

My name is Jennifer, and I have strong passion for femininity and my goal is the help women feel confident.
As a teenager I used to steal underwear and lace bodysuits from my sister’s drawer. So, I decided that one day my drawer would be much better equipped than hers in terms of undergarments.
After graduating college, I devoted my efforts on the development of commercials as a producer— a job that gave me so much, making me travel all around the world. During one of my trips to Buenos Aires, Argentina, I designed my first lingerie Collection. Within this first collection I wanted to incorporate intricate messages about love and women, and I wanted to do it with romantic, impalpable lace and fabrics.

Stylist & Lingerie Tutor

I’m a lingerie stylist and I am ready to explain to you with confidence what exactly is best to put under your clothes. Wearing an item of lingerie that both enhances and accentuates the best of our shapes, and masks our small flaws is not easy. As a stylist, I choose what what styles to wear during a photo shoots and fashion shows, and I recommend to celebrities and public figures what to wear under their clothes in order to to feel at the height of their sensuality. For you I’ll be your personal Bra-Fitter and I will help you with all of your tangible requests. We will start off by identifying what exactly your ideal bra size is, the models that most properly enhance your shape, and of course, I will provide you with my insight on style and femininity. Since 2018 I have been leading the “Undressed with Style” feature on DettoFatto on the Italian national tv channel Rai2, where I give advice of style and seduction, and I organize fashion shows in lingerie for every occasion, depending on the different physicality of certain women.

My services include

Bra Fitting

A personalized service, both dynamic and fun for you and your friends! Because wearing the right sized bra and identifying the models that best fit the shapes of our bodies is not as easy as it may appear—especially with the absence of an expert. I’ll assist you in discovering what you want to wear to feel comfortable, and feminine. We’ll have fun trying out the variations of intimate outfits together and we’ll spend an afternoon or evening dedicated to seduction.

Events & Party

Dedicated to those who want to have unforgettable memories with their friends for the moment before the long sought out phrase….. “Yes, I do!”. A party strategically organized by me with the friends closest to the bride-to-be. A party full of originality, to be considered a special gift and outside the usual celebratory methods, tailored to your specific needs.
An all-female evening, full of sensuality and lots of fun.

Jenni For Man

If you want to ask her to marry you in a new original way? Is it your anniversary and you’re trying to find nice and creative ideas, or you just don’t have time to organize them properly?
Are you excited to buy her a special lingerie gift but have no clue where to start?
Not to worry, I’ll take care of it. Ask me for exclusive advice.

Lingerie Designer


The Pinko brand chose me as a designer for the special project “Pinko Loves JenniPie” with its undisputed style, and to create a line of lingerie that can symbolize femininity within their most prestigious shops. It’s 2013 and JenniPie signs its first major collaboration: a limited edition of lingerie prints and models exclusively offered to customers of Pinko, the famous Italian fashion brand. These pieces were extremely unique and feminine. The launch took places in main European capitals including Vienna, London, Paris, and in the most prestigious boutique located on Via Montenapoleone in Milan.


This collaboration was born from the appreciation and recognition of the concept “La Petite Four Lingerie” by JenniPie – the lingerie line inspired by the world of small pastries. Intimissimi invited JenniPie to design a capsule collection in which Intimissimi laces are intertwined with delicious bon-bon pins and carefully packaged in dessert boxes. The interaction between JenniPie’s style and the the production resources of the Intimissimi group has made the JenniPie for Intimissimi line vastly actractive to the public, and distributed in over 1500 stores worldwide, establishing implausible success.

Sei un Brand o un’Azienda?

Richiedimi come stylist e contattami per collaborazioni o eventi

My Collections

In addition to designing and collaborating with big companies, I have always designed my underwear line “La Petite Four Lingerie”, with the inspiration of retro-chic pastries. The collection of swimsuits and glamorous accessories inspired by flavour of Italian sorbets, “La Sorbetteria”.

La Petite Four Lingerie

Handmade lingerie which remembers dark chocolates, coloured glazed cookies and tempting pasties filled with cream, where pleasure plunges into the taste and sensuality is vanilla sugar-coted. An unusual retro “bakery” where soft, light and very fine materials take your memory back to the colours of just made waffle.
Coloured silk panties, chic and retro underwear, served as mignon patisserie, in a mixture of tactile and tasting sensations, which blend together in a unique and sensual experience.

The Sorbetteria

A bikini collection inspired by the bright tones of Italian sorbets, made with fruit. My goal? Refresh your summer and spread colors. Cones and cups of real crunchy wafer complete the gourmande sensations. Bright colors in the tones of green apple, raspberry and lemongrass that JenniPie used to create fun virtual sorbets are definetly the mood of the season.

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