The Concept

JenniPie started as an independent brand in 2009. The creative spirit of Jennyfer Dalla Zorza created a new way to imagine feminine undergarments. Clouds of caramelized sugars and colored glazes cover articles of lingerie, giving them a pleasing and inviting aspect. The proposal of JenniPie is a unique and irrepressible sensory mix. A MUST HAVE for every woman. Lingerie which hints at dark chocolate, cookies covered in frosting and tasty creme-filled pastries, where pleasure dives into taste and sensuality bathes in vanilla candy. An unusual retro pastry shop where soft fabrics suggest wafers fresh out of the oven. Silk French knickers, retro-chic bras and underwear served as petit fours, in a mix of sensations where palette and skin merge into a unique sensual experience.

The collection is inspired by petit fours. The play on words between colors, tastes and associations makes the purchase of this article a unique experience. The fabrics are those typically used in the world of clothing: silk, Georgette, voile. Fabrics woven into variants of colors and models devised to leave a lasting impression on the attention of the consumer right from the beginning. The JenniPie brand places femininity at the center, uniting skin and palette, taste and sensuality. It takes the moments in the day of a woman, characterizing them with gratification and awareness. Every article of JenniPie clothing is matched to a creative flavor, inspired by the by the art of the pastry shop, making the experience of wearing it more stimulating. And the gourmand sensation is completed with its exclusive packaging.

JenniPie is an attractive and entertaining line, designed for high-end consumers in need of excellence and innovation. A quality garment in an original packaging. Every JenniPie product is sold in muffin cups and delivered in a small personalized sweets box. The confection is the central theme of the brand: the MUST ate the core of the brand’s inspiration.


The JenniPie Sorbet:

The JenniPie Sorbet is a bikini line inspired by the vibrant tones of fruit-based Italian sorbets. A line of swimwear and beach accessories with colors, forms and confections from the world of ice cream and sorbets. The product is then packaged utilizing cones and cups of actual crunchy wafers to complete the gourmand sensation.